Ever After (Re-Loaded)
Follow the Blood. Find the Assassin.
(Action - Martial Arts, 90 minutes, Not Rated)

Introducing 4 time, US National Gold Medalist, 5th Degree Black Belt, Master Fernando A. Mico

A young police detective (David Perkins) crosses paths with an elite mafia hit man (Fernando A. Mico) in this martial arts action feature. Following the hitman’s trail of carnage from coast to coast, the detective begins to suspect deeper motives and to question his own sense of right and wrong. Elegant martial arts action contrasts with brutal violence in this deadly dance of morality and greed.

"Guns, Violence, Mob HIts, Martial Arts, Hookers, What's not to like about Ever After Re-loaded?" - Bill Rohland WJFK 96.7 The Fan