The Ghost of Uniondale
Love Always Finds a Way
(Family, Comedy 90 minutes, Not Rated)

One of the best performing theatrical releases in South Africa in 2014, The Ghost of Uniondale is a charming fantasy based on a true story.

Stefan is driving through the countryside to visit his parents for Easter weekend when he sees a strange-looking woman standing at the side of the road. Just then, his car breaks down. Stefan pushes the car into the nearby town of Uniondale, and leaves it with the only mechanic not closed for the holiday. Then Stefan finds an open pub and sits down to wait. Based on the true story of the famous ghost in the small town of Uniondale South Africa.

When Stefan tells the bartender about the strange woman he saw at the side of the road, the bartender tells him of Johan and Marie, a pair of local lovers separated by death. On their wedding night 30 years before, Johan and Marie’s car had gone off the road, and Marie had been killed. According to the bartender, it was Marie’s ghost Stefan saw at the side of the road, still trying to get back to her true love.

Time passes, and other townsfolk stop into the pub, each with his own version of the Ghost of Uniondale. The only other young person Stefan meets is Sonja, who runs a farm outside of town. There is a spark between Stefan and Sonja, and when Sunday comes, with Stefan’s car still in pieces, he asks Sonja for a ride to his parents’ house, inviting her to share their holiday. Sonja accepts, and the other locals—all ghosts—are content at having brought the two young people together.