A Trilogy
(Fantasy, Adventure, 3 x 90 min, Not Rated)
Stranger Things meet Game of Thrones

The three MALICE films follow young Alice Turner as she deals with otherworldly entities in her rural hometown. Alice has a very active imagination and her wonderland spans from the fantastic to the horrific, revealing worlds of perverse beauty and danger. She begins as a terrified teen battling supernatural forces for the survival of her quirky family; she becomes a kick-ass-heroine, wielding newfound powers against those who threaten her and her community. Part horror, part fantasy and part coming-of-age-story, Alice is a new heroine in the vein of STRANGER THINGS.

"It's a coming of age story dressed up as a creepy supernatural thriller, and it's fantastic!" - The 7th Matrix

"Broadcast tlevision quality production. Superb special effects, excellent acting, directing and writing." - Internet Horror Science Fiction & Fantasy Series Guide

"Through the masterful combination of writing, cinematography, sound and special effects, Malice creator Philip Cook has once again created a beautiful, but malevolent world that Alice Turner must defend." - WebVee Guide

"Ten Stars. Not too many things can blow me away enough to deserve that kind of rating." - The Review Online

"Everybody within the sound of my voice should watch Malice. It's fantastic." - IndieIntertube Podcast

"The quality is just amazing... it sucks you in from the get go and makes you want more." -