Primrose Lane
Time is of the escense
(Paranormal thriller 90 min)

Inspired by actual paranormal activity that took place at the shooting location.

A couple make the decision to enter the unlocked home of their friends, only to discover the friends’ family of four missing and a trail of mysterious evidence left behind. A little boy from another era watches from the shadows, engaging in a high stakes game of marbles that results in more disappearances. When the police fail to detect anything that they can tangibly investigate, a new friend is summoned to the scene to help. A young psychic also arrives, claiming she was called by the woman who answers the door, yet that woman has no knowledge of her. The psychic is soon joined by a spiritual healer, and together they begin to unravel the mystery. Humans and dark forces collide as reality is spliced and scattered into multiple dimensions until the boy in the shadows isolates the one person he wants for his own.