(Comedy, 89 minutes, G-rated)
The road to Heaven is paved with dog-do. At least it is for Archie (Gary Busey—Lethal Weapon) a rich practical joker who’s killed in an accident and forced to return to earth as a white Pomeranian named Quigley. Quigley must retrieve a CD Archie made before dying which, if played, will ruin several lives. Helped only by his awkward guardian angel (Oz Perkins—Legally Blonde), Quigley/Archie must also find a way to help his estranged brother Woodward (Christopher Atkins—The Blue Lagoon) realize his dreams as a video game designer. Maybe a new pet will help? With Benji-like cuteness and desperation, anything seems possible. Even Archie discovers the meaning of love when Quigley is adopted by Woodward’s kids (Jillian Clare—Miss Behave and Galvin Chapman—Dude, Where’s My Car?). Jillian Clare was nominated for a Young Artist Award for her performance in this heartwarming family comedy.