What Will You Do for Love?
(Rock N' Roll Youth Comedy-Drama, 105 minutes)

"A lightly comic charmer that's sustained by its likeable leads and easygoing, big-hearted style."
-- Derek Elley, Film Business Asia

Irene (Glaiza de Castro, Grazilda, Amaya) and Odie (Jason Abalos, Endo, Mara Clara) are outsiders who become best friends through their common love for rock 'n' roll. Odie falls in love with Irene and helps fulfill her dream of forming a band. They recruit an ex-punk-turned-barista named Mo (Ketchup Eusebio, Guns and Roses, My Amnesia Girl) and the school bully (Alwyn Uytingco, Immortal, Ang Tanging Ina), deciding to call their band HAPIPAKS. In the process, they run into satanic S&M bands, Samurai swindlers, narcissist lead singers, and the most ridiculous music video shoot ever. Meanwhile, Irene is wooed by a famous rockstar (Diether Ocampo), and Odie starts to wonder if the one thing that brought them together will end up tearing them apart.

Quark Henares is a Palanca award-winning writer and filmmaker residing and working in Metro Manila. He has done four feature films with the Philippines' biggest studios, including his hit debut feature Gamitan (Plaything) and the critically-acclaimed Keka, both under Viva Records.