Sacrificial Youth
Selling Out Comes With A Price
(Punk-Rock Musical Fantasy)

Sacrificial Youth is a Hardcore Punk musical that tells the story of TJ, a teenager caught at the crossroads of Good and Evil. When a multi-national corporation hatches an evil plot of biblical proportions to destroy The Scene, TJ is forced to accept his fate as the chosen one to stand up and fight back.

"What I like about Joe’s approach is that he knows music, and can speak the language and nail the tone in cinematic form" - Dave Ladwig,

"It's hard to say what's so great about Joe Losurdo's latest film Sacrificial Youth without using broad terms. Everything. All of it. What's not to like?" - Katie Karpowicz, Chicagoist.

"A camping of the punk-rock experience with a self-consciously B sci-fi / horror vibe added for effect." - Nathaniel Lee, Art Forum International Magazine.

"Hardcore punk take on Jesus Christ Superstar" - Chicago Reader.