Tales of Frankenstein
Classic Creature Thriller

2018 is the year of FRANKENSTEIN. It's the 200 year anniversary of the original story by Mary Shelly. In honor of her contribution to centuries of mystery, thriller and horror, we present to you the brand new film TALES OF FRANKENSTEIN.

Four gruesome stories spanning a century, in an all star cast, in classic Frankenstein style.

Man made monsters, mad labs and madder scientists. Castles, crypts, and creeping cadaver parts. Brain transplants and body snatching.
Vampires, vixens and villagers with torches. And a gorilla too!!!

Don't miss this tribute to the classic legend. Directed by cult master Donald F. Glut.
Produced with the love for movies.

Starring: Jim Tavaré ( Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Askaban), Len Wein (X-Men: Day
s of Future Past), T.J. Storm (Dead Pool), Mel Novak (An Eye for an Eye), Jerry Lacy (Dark Shadows), Jamisin Matthews (Resident Evil: Damnation), John Blythe Barrymore (Hamlet), Beverly Washburn (Spider Baby), Ann Robinson (War of the Worlds), Buddy Daniels Friedman (Road to Red), Justin Hoffmeister (San Andreas Quake), Jena Sims (Sharknado 5), Tatiana Dekhtyar (Dances with Werewolves)