The Last Island
Spanish with English Subtitles
(Family, Fantasy, Adventure 86 minutes)

A spoiled city girl exiled to a remote island learns the magic of nature, friendship, and courage in this charming modern fantasy.

Synopsis: “The Last Island” is the magical story of a 10-year-old city girl, Alicia (Carmen Sanchez), whose parents send her to a remote island to spend the summer with an aunt she has never met (Julieta Serrano). Without TV, cell phones, or other modern comforts, Alicia is both bored and scared as she watches Aunt Belinda entertain strange guests and perform strange rituals in their tiny cottage. Believing her aunt is a witch, Alicia sets out to explore the island alone and meets two other children (Pablo and Lucia Paredes), whose make-believe games among the blue waters and volcanic ash puzzle Alicia. She also meets Fermin, a madman who behaves at times like a child and at others like a wise philosopher.
Little by little, Alicia joins in on the fantasy play of the children and Fermin, and discovers another way of looking at the world. In this mystical place, where the frontiers between different realities are crossed, anything can happen. One can even be swallowed up by a dragon-shaped fog that hangs over the perilous edge of a cliff.
Ultimately, Alicia must confront the fog dragon and survive. This she does, aided by a protective amulet from Aunt Belinda, who is really a healer, and by Fermin, whose madness stems from having failed against the dragon in the past. With the help of these and her other friends, Alicia learns to communicate with the earth, with the air, with fire, and to believe in that which is intangible and fantastic. As we watch Alicia discover the island's ancient wisdom, we learn to understand, marvel, and forgive right along with her.
The volcanic island of El Hierro, with its teeming wildlife, strange rock formations, and azure skies, provides the perfect setting for this journey into fantasy and personal growth.